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Looking for a hassle free, flexible repayment scheme for your Leasing Facility? Seylan Leasing is ready to assist you with a competitive interest rate, a package customized to suit your budget.Personal or business purchase, Seylan Bank offer leasing for Vehicles or Equipment/ Machinery.

    • Cash In Emergency:

      Obtaining a lease facility against your own vehicle for financing working capital requirements or any other financial requirements

    • Vehicle Upgrade:

      Pre- approved lease for a value up to 150% of the existing lease which can be obtained after 3 years of a 4 years lease or after 4 years of a 5 years lease facility.

    • Lease Transfer:

      Lease facility is provided to settle the existing lease facility of any other bank or financial institution

    • Affordable Lease Rental:

      Rentals can be customized to suit the repayment program

    • No Early Settlement Fee:

      Future interest could be waived for settling the existing lease and to obtain a new lease, when a 5 years lease is settled after 4 years or 4 years lease is settled after 3 years.

    • Option To Extend The Period:

      Option to roll over the residual value at the end of the lease period is given to the customer subject to evaluation and the market value of the leased asset.

    • Flexible Repayment Scheme:

      Depending on the income pattern, the lease facility could be structured to meet the cash flows of the borrower where a customer can pay a higher rental or bulk payments during the months he earns higher income to reduce the normal monthly rental.

How to get started

Leasing of Vehicle:

  • Brand New Vehicles
    • The vendor’s invoice should be addressed to the bank indicating details of vehicle including engine and chassis number and the amount to be financed
  • Unregistered, reconditioned and used vehicles
    • Vendors invoice addressed to the bank
    • A valuation from a valuer which is acceptable to the bank
    • The valuation should give a detailed description of the vehicle and should be addressed to the bank
  • Registered vehicle
    • Vehicle should not exceed ten years from the year of manufacturing.
    • Lease amount will not exceed 70 % of the valuation depending on the year of manufacture
    • Invoice from the vendor, addressed to the bank.

Leasing of Equipment / Machinery

  • Brand new equipment will be considered for leasing
  • Invoice should be addressed to the bank.
  • Documents Required
    • Apart from the vendor’s “Invoice” the following documents are required:
  • Individual
    • Copy of identification (NIC/PP/DL)
    • Salary slip
    • Letter from employer confirming salary.
    • Last six months’ bank statements / certified copy of saving passbook
  • Company
    • Memorandum and article of association
    • Copy of certificate of business registration/ incorporation
    • Copy of latest form 48filed with registrar of companies.
    • Turnover tax paying –in –slips for the current year.
    • Bank Statements for past 6 months.

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