Club and Society Proposition

We are happy to introduce a special bundle package exclusively for Clubs Societies, Charities & Associations.

Eligible Categories

  • Club & Societies
  • Religious Bodies
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Schools Associations etc.

Bundled Benefits: 

  • Free Branded Cheque Books
  • Outward Cheque return charges are waved off
  • Local Pay Order (MCQ) charges are waved off
  • Annual sponsorship up to Rs.25,000/-
  • 1.0% additional interest for Fixed Deposits
  • 0.50% additional interest for Money Market Savings Accounts
  • 50% waiving off for the first year joining fee for Internet Payment Gateway.

Terms and conditions: 

  • Annual sponsorships are applicable subject to maintaining of the required minimum balances for a period of 12 consecutive months in Current Accounts or Savings Accounts only. Sponsorship will be given on annual basis subject to maintaining the minimum balances for the last 12 months. 
  • Fixed deposits balance will not be considered for the annual sponsorship.
  • 1.0% additional interest rate for Fixed Deposits will be considered only for customers who have maintained the average balance of LKR 0.5 Mio in Current Accounts or LKR 1.0 Mio in SA accounts for three (03) consecutive months. 
  • 0.05% additional interest rate for Money Market Accounts will be considered over LKR 1 Mio. Deposit.
  • The bank reserves the right to alter or cancel the benefits scheme without prior notice. 
  • Offering of benefits will commence from October 2022 onwards
  • Seylan Bank Savings/ Current Account terms and conditions apply.