Seylan Bank offers its Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFCA) account holders a unique value added rewarding scheme known as "Seylan Mega Rewards" in addition to competitive interest rates.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Sri Lankan Passport holder residing in Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankan Passport holder residing overseas.
  • Foreign Passport holder who is a Sri Lankan origin holding permanent residence abroad.
  • Dual Citizenship holder of Sri Lankan origin, residing in/outside Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankan Nationals, who are employed abroad.
  • Non-nationals residing in Sri-Lanka.
  • Non-nationals on a temporary visit or intending to visit Sri Lanka.
  • PFCA account holder of another banks, who is willing to transfer the account to Seylan Bank.


  • Type of Accounts : Foreign currency savings and fixed deposits
  • Range of currencies : A choice of designated currencies in which you can maintain your account : USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, CAD, HKD, GBP, CHF, AUD, DKK, SEK, NZD,NOK,CNY
  • Save and earn more benefits : Entitle yourself for benefit schemes by maintaining a balance of USD 500.00 or equivalent in addition to interest income.
  • Account access :You can view your account balance and statements by obtaining our Seylan Bank Internet banking facility at your own convenience.
  • Easy Payment and transfers: Pay bills and transfer funds to accounts within Seylan bank or to other Sri Lankan bank accounts in rupees or foreign currencies.
  • Loan Facility : Up to 90%* Rupee or FCY loans against your PFCA deposits (condition applies).
  • Wide Network : Island-wide branch network for your convenience.Our overseas representatives serve you whilst abroad.
  • Global Access : Allows withdrawals all over the world via Visa accredited ATMs.
  • Enhanced interest rate of 0.25% for senior citizen Fixed Deposits.
  • View your statement on the go even on your Smart phone or any smart device by registering your-self with Seylan E-statement. 

How to get Started

Documents required:

  • Non-resident Sri Lankan origins-Copy of Passport , visa and address proof.
  • Non-nationals Residing in Sri Lanka-Copy of passport and ,visa and address proof
  • Resident Sri Lankans -NIC, Driving License or Passport and address proof.

  • Inward remittances in foreign currency received through banking channels.
  • Foreign exchange brought into the country by the account holder.
  • Interest payable in foreign currency on funds held in the account.
  • Unutilized foreign currency obtained by the account holder for travel purpose.
  • Debits are freely allowed for international trasactions where account holder is a person resident outside Sri Lanka.
  • Outward Remittance made outside Sri Lanka in respect of current transaction of the account holder and/or immediate family members who are persons resident in Sri Lanka. 
  • Transfer to other PFCAs irrespective of the account holder where both parties are persons resident outside Sri Lanka; excluding for the purpose of acquisition of investments or assets in Sri Lanka. 
  • For payments in Sri Lankan ( converted to Sri Lankan Rupees at the prevailing rate of Exchange).
  • Currency notes may be issued to holders of PFCA accounts against funds held in such accounts for travel purposes, subject to production of travel tickets.


Savings Accounts FCY

Currency Code Minimum Balance Interest Rates Aer
US Dollar USD 25 2.000 2.0184
Sterling Pounds GBP 15 1.000 1.0046
EURO EUR 20 0.500 0.5011
Australian Dollar AUD 35 2.000 2.0184
Japanese Yen JPY 2,850 0.125 0.1251
Swiss Franc CHF 35 0.125 0.1251
Singapore Dollar SGD 45 0.250 0.2503
Canadian Dollar CAD 30 1.500 1.5104
Norwegian Kroner NOK 200 0.250 0.2503
Danish Kroner DKK 175 0.250 0.2503
Swedish Kroner SEK 200 0.150 0.1501
Hongkong Dollar HKD 200 0.125 0.1251
New Zealand Dollar NZD 35 1.000 1.0046
Chinese Yuan CNY 500 0.250 0.2503