Discover how invoices can turn into cash. FAST with Seylan Factoring;

  • Up to 85% Advance Rates
  • Working Capital without Debt
  • 24 Hour Funding on Approved Invoices

Seylan Factoring is straightforward. You raise your invoices as usual. We then make up to 85% of the invoice value available within 24 hours.

When the invoice is due, we collect payment from your customers and you get the balance less any fees.


Variety of product offerings to suite your Business

We offer following services under factoring, and you may choose the most suitable service to raise working capital in to your business;

  • Recourse Factoring
  • Cheque Discounting

Comprehensive Collections and Ledger Management

  • A dedicated Client Manager works one to one with you from the very start to gain an in-depth understanding of the way you do business.
  • When invoices fall due, our experienced staff will collect payments on your behalf from buyers. This will release your staff to spend time on growing your business.

No collateral requirements

  • Need not to pledge any assets as security to obtain the service.

Cash Flow Without Debt

  • Since factoring is not a loan it doesn’t add to the liabilities on your balance sheet. That means no monthly loan payments and a clean balance sheet!

Improved working capital

Factoring helps to releases cash locked in trade receivables. Having a reliable flow of working capital is critical to keep the supply chain moving. By releasing up to 85% of invoice values provides you to convert your money locked up in trade receivables into cash soon after the invoices are raised, thus allowing you to meet day to day commitments or pay suppliers earlier enabling you to negotiate better terms.

Relieve Stress

No more waiting on your customers to make payments so you can make yours. Pay bills, meet payroll, and remit taxes on time without worrying about late fees or damaged credit.

How to get started

Step 1

Have you maintained a Savings or a Current Account, with a minimum balance of LKR 20,000/- If you haven’t


Step 2

Download the applications


Step 3

Submit the documents to the account holding branch


Step 4

Submit the documents to the account holding branch