Money Market Savings Account

Seylan Money Market Savings Account, aimed at Corporate and fund managers high net worth individuals, SMEs who seek a product that offers better fund management capabilities for short term investments, assuring direct returns. Promising ‘higher returns for shorter period’, Seylan Money Market Savings provides the flexibility needed to manage short term investments at their own convenience.


  • Savings account with a tiered basis interest option
  • E-statement / Normal Statement account
  • Internet banking
  • Any number of withdrawals is permissible

Seylan bank convenient banking service solutions

  • SMS Alerts
  • 365 day banking at selected locations.
  • Digital assisted customer service via Live Chat / Facebook messenger/ whatsapp customer service hotline 0772008888.
  • Online account opening through the website

General conditions

  • Seylan Mega Rewards would not be applicable under this account.

Minimum Deposit: Initial Deposit LKR 500,000.00

Seylan Money Market Savings Account Interest Rates

Amount Interest Rate % p.a. AER %
Below LKR 9,999 0.00 0.00
LKR 10,000 - LKR 499,999 2.50 2.53
LKR 500,000 - LKR 999,999 6.00 6.17
LKR 1,000,000 - LKR 9,999,999 6.50 6.70
LKR 10,000,000 & above 7.00 7.23