Internet Payment Gateway

Explore the world of e-commerce business by broadening the scope of your web based sales. Seylan Internet Payment Gateway service gives you the opportunity to serve A Worldwide Clientele 24 x 7 x 365 days.

This enable internet browsers the facility of making payments for the goods or services through their Visa Card or Master Card.


A client browses online and makes a purchase online.

The Seylan Bank Internet payment Gateway connects the merchant to VISA Inc. and Master Card.

The IPG connects with VISA and Master for Card Payments. Collect Funds from merchants and obtain card authorization from the issuing bank.

As and when VISA / MASTER settles the money to the Bank, It will be credited to the Merchant's Account.

Standard Charges:

Setup fee

This is a fee charged by Seylan Bank PLC at the initial Stage of processing the facility.

Annual Gateway Maintenance

A nominal annual fee is charged for the maintenance of the IPG.

Security Deposit

The Bank shall be entitled to request the Merchant to maintain a security deposit with the bank.

Transaction Commission

A nominal transaction commission is charged on each transaction

Bank Account

Merchant is required to open a Merchant Account with Seylan Bank PLC to enable the Bank to credit proceeds that are collected.

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