Tikiri Savings Account

The good habit of savings should be incurred in children at their tender ages. “Seylan Tikiri” Savings Account for your kid is a great way to teach money management skills and pave their way to financial success. The best savings account for your kid has great interest rates and gifts.


  • Bonus interest will be computed on the Tikiri interest and credited on monthly basis.
  • Tikiri account holders of 15 years and below only will be eligible for the Gift Voucher or  Value Credit to the Tikiri Account. You have the choice of selecting gift vouchers to purchase gifts from below mentioned reputed merchants;
    • Singer
    • Softlogic
    • Abans
    • DSI Bike
    • DSI Footwear
    • Sarasavi
    • CIB
Account Balance  

Gift Voucher Entitled*/

Tikiri Account Value Credit (instead of gift voucher)

LKR 2,000.00 LKR 200.00
LKR 5,000.00 LKR 500.00
LKR 10,000.00 LKR 1,000.00
LKR 30,000.00 LKR 1,500.00
LKR 50,000.00 LKR 5,500.00
LKR 75,000.00 LKR 6,000.00
LKR 100,000.00 LKR 9,000.00
LKR 150,000.00 LKR 11,000.00
LKR 250,000.00 LKR 12,500.00
LKR 500,000.00 LKR 17,500.00
LKR 1,000,000.00 LKR 22,500.00
LKR 2,000,000.00 LKR 30,000.00


Sri Lankan Children who are under 15 years of age.

Minimum Deposit:  to open the account LKR 2,000.00

Documentation requirement

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate should be submitted along with the mandate. 
  • National Identity card of the Parent / Guardian ( person opening the account)

Who can open the account:

  • Parents of the child or Guardian

Use the option:

You can deposit money to the Tikiri account through your nearest branch via Cash, Cheques or "Internet Banking" Transfers, Standing Orders, Seylan Tikiri gift Vouchers & Cash Deposit Machines

Planning about your kid's Future? 

Open a My Plan - Kids Savings Plan today, for your child to receive pre-determined value for an agreed period.

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