Minor Savings Account

Learning about money start at a young age - thats the reason our Minor Savings Account reward our young savers with bonus interest. 


  • Access bonus interest as you save more. 
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Easily show your child their savings progress with internet banking
  • Enourage them to take control of their savings and spending while they are young. 
  • Build independent and financial discipline.


  • Sri Lankan children between 15 - 18years. 

Who can open the account?

  • Parents or Guardian

Documents Required: 

  • A copy of the Birth certificate should be submitted along with the mandate
  • NIC copy of Parent or Guardian.
  • Terms & Conditions

For more downloads click here. 

Minimum Deposit: to open the account LKR 1,000.00

How to Register:

Step 1:  Complete the Online Application

Step 2: Upload your National Identity Card, Child's Birth Certificate & supporting proof documents.

Step 3: Submit.