Foreign Currency Accounts

For Residents / Non- Residents

Exchange your Travelers Cheques for Local Currency

American Express® Travelers Cheques are welcomed at many Seylan Bank branches a...

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Seylan PFCA holders enjoy a unique value added rewarding scheme known as “Seyl...

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For Non-Residents

Non Resident Rupee Accounts (NRRA)

NRRA could be opened to make payments in Sri Lanka, to receive proceeds derived ...

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Seylan CTRA is for persons who are residing overseas can open Sri Lankan Rupee (...

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Seylan IIA is a special account designated for eligible investor’s resident in...

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Emigrant's Remittable Income Accounts-ERIA

permitted to open and maintain Emigrant's Remittable Income Accounts (ERIAs) for...

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For Residents

Business Foreign Currency Account - BFCA

Seylan BFCA is an account designed for Individuals or business entities resident...

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Seylan OIA is a special account for resident investors in Sri Lanka to channel f...

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