Looking for a Balance Transfer Credit Card program to settle your debts faster? 
With SBTIP program you could transfer your outstanding balance along with the accrued interest to a lower interest rate Credit Card and payback in ease. 


  • For existing Seylan Credit Cardholders with a minimum of 12 months Credit Card relationship. 
  • Enjoy 6, 12, 24 months time period for re-payment with low interest rate per annum. 
  • SBTIP could be obtained for one or more other bank cards at any given time.

Get Started:
Duly filled Seylan Balance Transfer Instalment Plan Application  form should be handed over to the Card Center or to any Seylan Bank Branch. 

Handling Fee: 

Tenure Handling Fee % (w.e.f. 08th August 2022)
6 Months 8.00%
12 Months 16.00%
24 Months 30.00%

*Conditions Apply.