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Seylan Bank Card Centre offers its Merchant Acquiring service facilities to businesses in Sri Lanka. Offer your customers the option of paying by Credit Card rather than by cash. This preferred method of payment is now accepted at almost all established merchants such as Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores, Gem & Jewellery outlets, Travel Agencies, Household appliance dealers, Book Stores and many more.

Our online machines are connected to Visa/Master via Seylan Bank network and can acquire any Visa/Master Card Globally. The EMV Chip enabled terminals are the very latest in the industry.

  • Accept credit cards as an easy payment method
    • Seylan Bank POS system facilitates your business to grow with new technology. Our POS system will minimize your risk of handling cash in your sales counters.
    • Improves your business selling process
    • Gives your customers expanded payment options.
    • Increases turnover and improves your company's cash flow.
    • Minimizes the need for handling physical cash.
    EDC machines will be deployed as soon as the Merchant Application Form is completed and received by the Seylan Bank Card Centre.
  • Product Features and Dedicated Services
    • Acceptance of Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, Debit Cards: Visa / Master Electronic Cards
    • Funds generated via Visa Cards will be credited to your Seylan Bank Account or any other designated Bank Account on the very next working day.
    • Fastest transaction process
    • Merchant Training on Usage and prevention of fraud transactions
    • 24 Hours Merchant service desk to address queries (Seylan Call Centre Hotline +94 11 2 008 888 )
    • All information sent from the terminals at your premises to Seylan Bank Data Centre via the telephone systems are encrypted to securer the information of the card holder.
    • We will assign a dedicated officer on behalf of the bank. He/She will be contactable 24 hours of the day.
    • If replacement machine is needed, we will replace the terminal at Colombo locations within 24 hours of notice.
    • All telephone charges on calls made to Seylan Bank system from our credit card machine will be free of charge, if through SLT Lines.
  • 0% Installment Plan & Extended Plan
    • Running your own business has its own challenges and Seylan Bank has designed its products to be as customer-friendly as possible and with this in mind, offers merchants who enjoy EDC terminals from Seylan Bank to accept credit and debit cards. Further, our 0% Installment Plan Facility & Extended Plan Settlements will be beneficial to you when your business is up and running, as you know Seylan Bank will be there to provide all the support you need to keep it flourishing without undue pressure of financial commitments.
    • Seylan Bank Credit Cardholders are offered special terms to settle transactions on purchases of goods and services by installments, using credit cards. The facility is available to them as 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month installment plans. The transaction is thus divided into installments and the cardholder has the option of repaying on an installment basis.
  • Eligibility to get a Cards Accepting Machine
    • Following are three different types of Business according to the legal status and the document required will be also different from business type.
    • Proprietorship.
    • Partnership.
    • Corporation and Limited Companies.
How to get started
  • For an EDC POS Terminal (Cards Accepting Machine)
    • Your Business is needed to be register
    • You should be able to generate a minimum turnover of the Bank’s requirement, to have an EDC.
    Submit your Merchant application to Seylan Bank Card Centre with the two sets of merchant agreements signed (Enclosed herewith) by the owners and the supporting documents required.
  • Proprietor
    • Complete Merchant application rubber seal should be placed with the signature.
    • Two sets of merchant agreements, rubber seal should be placed with the sign.
    • Photocopies of NIC/Passport or Driving license (both side) of the proprietor.
    • Copy of the certificate of Business registration, of an individual.
    • Account should be with Seylan Bank and in the name of the individual.
  • Partnership
    • Complete Merchant application Partnership seal should be placed and all partners should sign.
    • Two sets of merchant agreements, Partnership rubber seal should be placed with the sign of all the partners.
    • Photocopies of NIC/Passport or Driving license (both side) of all the partners.
    • Copy of the certificate of Business registration, of the partnership.
    • Account should be with Seylan Bank and in the name of the partners or in the name of the institution.
  • Company
    • Complete Merchant application rubber seal should be placed and signed by the directors according to the board resolution.
    • Two sets of merchant agreements, Emboss seal and rubber seal should be placed and signed according to the board resolution.
    • Certificate of incorporation. (the companies Act, No 7 of 2007)
    • Certified copy of the Articles of Association.
    • The board resolution of Directors. (regarding to open a merchant account with Seylan Bank)
    • Most resent list of directors duly certified by the registrar of companies.
    • Photocopies of NIC/Passport or Driving license (both side) of all the Directors.
    • Account should be with Seylan Bank and in the name of the Company.
  • Card Centre Fax number: 011-2441027

What will be the Merchant Discount rate?

Merchant Discount rates are to be negotiated according to the business volume.The standard commission rate will be 3.0%.

How long will it take to install a machine to merchant location?

After the satisfactory site inspection but no longer than 5 working days

How merchant can get their payments?

Merchant can get their settlements immediately on following working day , if the merchant is maintaining account with Seylan .In the event when merchant is having other bank account we ensure to make the payment to nominated account on a timely and effective manner .

Are there any initial deposit to be placed at the installation of machine ?

There’s no requirement of placing any initial deposit prior to installation However, a minimum turnover as per Bank’s requirement to be met within 3 months of installation.

Are there any cost incurred for the machine which to be beard by the merchant?

Machine will be provided with free of chargers as a service to the merchant.The Bank anticipates a monthly average minimum turnover of LKR 300,000.00 per EDC Terminal to cover the maintenance cost of the EDC Terminal. If the Merchant turnover is not sufficient enough to cover the cost as per the requirement a monthly rental will be charged according to the structure given below.
Average Turnover (LKR per Month) Monthly Rent (LKR per Month)
0<49,999 4500/=
50,000<99,999 3000/=
100,000<199,999 2000/=
200,000<299,999 1000/=

To whom should contact on Merchant Inquiries or Machine breakdowns?

24hr contactable dedicated officer or 24 hrs call centre via 2008888