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Manpower Recruitment Agents


A special bundle package is offered to Manpower recruitment agents to suit the banking needs . The benefits are stated below

Product Special Additional Benefits for Recruitment Agencies
Current / Savings / PFCA / BFCA Accounts
  • No annual fee for internet and SMS banking waived off for 5 years
  • Joining fee for Gold Debit Cards waived off for the first year
  • Up to 3 free cheque books issued per month if they maintain a current account with credit balance of 50,000 average per month.
Credit Cards (Platinum Credit Cards to be issued)
  • Annual fee and joining fee for the first year waived off
  • Over limit and cash advance fee waived off
Travelers Cards
  • Issued free of charge
  • Free travel insurance of up to USD 50,000
Exchange Rate and Product Tariff
  • Product and service tariff at 50% off
  • Special exchange rate
Remittances / Special Desk
  • Special desk for remittances and personalized service
  • Provide awareness, various methods of routing the commissions, payment of agent commissions, advance monies to meet pre-departure expenses (Advisory service)
Credit Facilities
  • Repayment period of up to 5 years for loans and leases
  • Flexible interest rate options and down payments
  • Special housing loans
  • Eligibility
    • Manpower recruitment agents who are registered with Sri Lanka bureau of foreign employment 18 years and above
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • Special benefits will be applied subject to submission of respective valid copy of registration from Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.
    • All existing benefits which are associated to the above products will remain unchanged.
    • Special benefits will be applied for existing customers who bank with Seylan Bank as well.
    • Special benefits will be applied with immediate effect until further notice.