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Foreign Currency Banking Unit


    Seylan Bank Foreign Currency Banking Unit (FCBU) operation relates to the Banking operations of Non National individuals, Non National entities, Board of investment (BOI) approved companies locally and Special Approved Projects (SAP) approved by regulators. Under FCBU operations, the accounts are maintained in designated foreign currencies only. The accounts are opened after completing the due diligence, KYC and AML procedures as per the requirement of the banks policies. The funds in the FCBU accounts are exempted from all local Exchange Control Regulations and freely transferable to any part of the world. Also funds are freely transferable to local Rupee accounts..

    The accounts are booked in two categories as On Shore accounts for (locally approved BOI and SAP projects) and Off Shore accounts of Non Nationals. Under our FCBU unit, you will have the opportunity to grow your organization and your selves the way you always dreamed by obtaining our unmatched personal services.

    • Your money

      In our FCBU demand deposit accounts are entitle to receive interest monthly. (Cheque books are not issued, withdrawal on request only)

    • Let your money grow

      with Time Deposits (3,6,12 months) , and Call Deposits

    • Loans, Overdrafts

      and Other Banking facilities could be obtained.

    • Banking Transactions

      Funds transfers to other banks locally and internationally through Telegraphic transfers ( TT) , Demand Drafts (DD), SLIPS and RTGS.

    • Expand your business

      with cross border Trade Services (LC’s and guarantees)

    • Obtain Reports

      Status reports, Balance Confirmations

    • Carry a Personalized Cash less service

      through Seylan Electronic Cards

How to get started
  • On Shore
  • BOI (Board of investment) approved companies and special approved accounts from the regulators.
  • Off Shore
  • Companies of individuals registered overseas.
  • Non residents.
  • Any other resident approved by the Monetary Board of Sri Lanka.
Tools Calculators

For further details feel free to contact our FCBU unit via e- mail to  or  by telephone to 011 245 6 534, 011 245 6 522