Seylan Seylfie from Seylan Bank The Youth Savings Account that empowers you

8th, June, 2020

Seylan Bank has always been at the forefront when it comes to banking for the youth. Starting from the Seylan Tikiri accounts, the bank with a heart has always strived to be one with the kids and encourage them to save up and in return offer attractive gifts for doing so.

Their latest innovative product ties in rather perfectly with the current trends of Generation Z and Y. Meet the Seylan Seylfie Youth Account. That’s a bit of a no brainer, but in case you were wondering, this is targeted at Sri Lankan youth between the ages of 18-26, the Seylan Seylfie Youth account offers a number of features such as free access to Social banking via Facebook and internet banking, the former being an interesting concept. You can actually send and receive money via Facebook with no extra charges making it ideal for the youth who are always on the go and may not have time to step into a bank. Another exciting feature is Digital Interest via the Seylan Seylfie Savings accounts. You can get your interest earned through your savings as rupee or rupee and digital interest as per your preference. You might be wondering what this Digital interest is? Digital Interest is credited to your Dialog number as a mobile top up.

When you sign up for a Seylan Seylfie savings account you are entitled to a branded chip based debit card. Need to pay those exam fees? Or you suddenly need to get a new PC or phone? Well you can just use your debit card. There are no limitations on the number of withdrawals you make.

If you sign up for a current account, you will receive a specially designed cheque book. If your income is over Rs. 15,000/= per month, then you are also eligible for a Special credit card. In addition to all these you also get a host of other benefits. For starters, if you’re celebrating your 21st birthday or celebrating a higher education achievement (or both), you are eligible to receive cash benefits upto Rs.25,000 depending on your account balance. It should be noted that you will have to maintain a minimum credit balance of LKR 20,000/- in your savings or current account for a continuous period of 12 calendar months preceding the event and when you save more, the value of the benefit is higher. The maximum amount what you could receive for each event will be Rs 25,000/- . A tad extensive, yes but that’s just to make sure that all the formalities are in place.

You can also apply for loans with reduced interest rates for education (ACCA, SLIM, CIM, CIMA, Professional diplomas) under the Seylan Scholar Education Loan. But that’s not all. You also have business loans, personal loans and leasing loans as well. If you still want more features, you are also offered a Dialog SIM free.

How does one apply for a Seylan Seylfie Youth Account?

Eligibility is quite simple actually. Firstly, you need to be of Sri Lankan nationality aged between 18-26 years. You will also need a valid National Identity Card. As a minimum deposit, you will need Rs. 2,000 for a savings account or Rs. 25,000/= for a Current account.

If you want to sign up for Seylan Social Banking once you register as an Internet Banking user, it’s just a matter of logging into your Facebook account, and entering your details. From there you will receive a OTP (One Time Password). Enter the OTP and you are all set to experience Social Banking, a first ever in Sri Lanka via Facebook’s platform from Seylan Bank.

If you still require further details, you can call Seylan Bank on their hotline 0112008888 or visit their website or even message them via Facebook. And oh, the whatsapp number 0772008888 to chat with the special chat agents.