How to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

8th, June, 2020

Something new, something old, something borrowed… So the old saying goes when it comes to weddings. In recent years, it has been truer than ever before. When young couples decide to get married, they plan their wedding well in advance. To have the big day of their dreams, they have much to do, consider, and unfortunately, also spend. That’s when they start looking for options how to lower and cover their first common expenses as husband and wife. Should you ever be in the same situation, keep in mind that there are many ways to make your wedding lovely and affordable at the same time. We looked into the most expensive items on your wedding planning checklist and came up with a few handy tips.

Plan ahead
That’s the best advice out there to keep your wedding budget in check. Unless you want to be spontaneous, run away, and get married tomorrow, it’s best to plan the big day in advance. It will save you last-minute stress and money too.
Make your very own wedding budget plan and stick to it throughout the process. Compromise your date and time to get married when no one else does.(Marriages in the wedding season are way too common anyway.)Plan a few months early to get the best deals and rates.

Be smart about the venue
Make your wedding unique by choosing an unusual location. Think beyond the usual hotel setting and opt for an open-air wedding instead. If you can find a place that is beautiful by itself, you will save a lot on decorations too. The venue often gives your piggy bank the biggest blow and the price tag grows bigger with the number of guests. After all, small intimate weddings shared with the ones who matter to you the most have their charm too.

Choose your food and drinks wisely
Here again, the number of guests contributes greatly to the final bill. However, you might also rethink the usual wedding menu. How about switching that three-course dinner for a delicious buffet? Food brings people together, especially at weddings. As far as drinks are concerned, some guests might not drink at all and having an open bar for others gets very pricey. Offer just a few options like beer and wine, or serve a special wedding-day cocktail instead. Best of all, if possible, choose a venue that lets you bring your own drinks. That option will save your pocket.

Rent, borrow, and use again
Spend less on things that won’t matter in a few years’ time. Be proud to wear the jewelry you inherited from your grandmother, accept your married friend’s offer to borrow hers. Rent your wedding dress and suit, or choose pieces that you can wear for special occasions in the future. Make special moments the real priority so that when you think of your wedding one day, you will have good memories, not just a dusty outfit to remember.

Ask your talented family and friends
We all have friends with more or less usual hobbies who could be helpful on the wedding day. Surely you know the guy who loves making speeches, the friend who has a band, the cousin who takes stunning pictures on every holiday… Compliment them on their skills and ask them to show their talents on your special day – it will be such an honour they will hardly say no.
While you would want a professional photographer to take the official pictures to be framed and sent to the parents, let him go after the ceremony. Save on the hourly fee and ask your guests to share the pictures they will take – they’re way funnier and more personal!

If you splurge, find a way
The tips above might help you stay down to earth but they won’t make your wedding free of charge. We understand that there many factors to consider, many additional costs, and expectations, no matter how budget conscious you would like to be. That is when wedding loans step in to help you cover the extra spendings and have exactly the wedding you want and deserve.
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