Seylan Bank introduces Visa PayWave contactless Credit and Debit cards

8th, June, 2020


Staying true to its commitment on enhancing customer experiences, Seylan Bank has announced the launch of world renowned PayWave enabled Visa Debit and Credit Cards, offering Seylan customers a more secure, fast and convenient payment solution.

With PayWave enabled Credit and Debit cards, Seylan customers can now make payments by simply tapping or waving their Cards at PayWave enabled Point of Sale (POS) machines. Further, the new technology also ensures the highest level of security and efficiency, allowing customers to improve their transactions with confidence.

Commenting on the launch of PayWave to its customers, Jayanath Dias, Head of Cards at Seylan Bank said “It’s great to see the transition of customers are turning to contactless cards as their preferred payment option. With Seylan PayWave enabled Credit and Debit cards, we look forward to offering greater banking convenience and faster checkouts which translates to shorter queues and bring a whole new shopping experience. In addition, the popularity of contactless payments at supermarkets indicates that consumers are more comfortable with the technology and it demonstrates the viability of replacing notes and coins in traditional cash-based, high payment volume environments. At Seylan, we strive to offer ultimate banking convenience coupled with latest safety measures, enabling our customers with the ability of having to pay as they go while eliminating the risk of fraudulent transactions.”

Visa PayWave uses the same EMV chip technology as other Visa chip cards, which comes with multiple layers of security to keep the card safe. Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects your card information from any unauthorised usage. Visa PayWave uses short-range wireless (Near Field Communication) technology to make secure payments between a contactless card and a contactless-enabled POS terminal.

In addition, Seylan Cardholders will be eligible for abundant of exclusive benefits both locally and internationally. This includes, great savings at premium hotels, access to premium airport lounges, novel travel experiences, special shopping offers and many more.