How to watch your weight and level of sugar during Avurudu?

8th, June, 2020

We Sri Lankans know that we are a community who is known for its hospitality, smile and our good appetite. Food is top on our daily checklist and a festive season contributes to it even more. From watching ‘how to make sweetmeats’ videos to literally buying the ingredients, making the sweet at home which does not look or taste as great as the chef’s making but eating the dish all on our own is something we love to do this season.

But sooner or later when we stand in front of the mirror and look at ourselves we see a couple of pounds put on and the clothing looks tight due to the very fact that too much of anything is good for nothing. So in order to avoid any disturbing looks when you glance through the mirror control the sugar intake and manager your weight during this Avurudu Season.

  1. Don’t eat two items of the same kind
  2. For example we have a habit of eating a ‘kokis’ and if it tastes good we eat another. If we eat a ‘Pani Walalu’ we eat another if it’s too yummy. But one of each would suffice since eating more will gain that extra pound

  3. Don’t satisfy others
  4. So you’ve got to visit your relatives during the season and tasting Yamuna aunties ‘Weli thalapa’ and Seetha aunties ‘Kokis’ to make them smile and happy is something that should not be done. Even when we are filled with sweetmeats we still eat when we visit our relatives and friends. Doing this will gain that extra pound. Just having a cup of tea would be sufficient to show your aunts that you are a well brought up child.

  5. Don’t have competitions!
  6. It’s true that ‘Avurudu’ is a time to participate in ‘Avurudu Kreeda’, to pose as models for ‘Avurudu Kumari’ and ‘Avurudu Kumaraya’ . But to make things even more exciting we have family compeititions like’kevum kema’, ‘kokis kema’ etc. Taking part in these will lead to eating too much of sweets which will add to that extra pound.

  7. Do drink a lot of WATER!
  8. Drinking at least 6-8 litres of water a day will help you stay hydrated during this warm weather and also help you to maintain a good metabolism. It is also known that water helps in weight loss so drinking water has no calories.

  9. Do walk a mile.
  10. In case your relatives are just 500 metres away from your home suggest to your family to take a walk. This will burn the extra pounds that you gain during this time.While watching your level of sugar and your weight enjoy the season by sharing, caring and forgiving

A message from the Bank with a heart!