Be our friend

27th, May, 2020

Friends shape who we are. They’re always around, one way or the other and sometimes we take them for granted because of that, but then something happens and we’re reminded of how amazing they are.How many of these do you recognise? (And just for fun, we’ll show you where we fit in too!)

Childhood co-adventurer: These friends have just always been around. Maybe you inherited them from your family because your parents were friends and you grew up together... maybe you bonded in kindergarten over your mutual love of the ‘Hokey Pokey’. Whatever reason brought you together, you are by now, more siblings than friends. (If you had a Seylan Tikiri account set up by your parents when you were growing up, then add us to this list!)

School Mates: Your friendship was forged in the fires of exams, crazy escapades and hormones driving you mad. You might have been best buds who drifted apart when crushes came on the scene or you may not have seen eye to eye when you were in class together, but that shared past always gives you something to get nostalgic about when you do get together later on. (Tikiri would’ve carried you through with some awesome gifts throughout these years.)

Work buds: Deadlines, mad bosses, that customer who always drives you crazy; overworked and underpaid, there’s always so much for you to share. Just be careful and don’t go overboard, because workplace relationships mean you’re stuck with each other even when you’re really really mad. (First job? You’ve gotta find a place to stash all those riches. We’ve a bunch of accounts to help you save for rainy days – and ATM cards for when you need to buy an umbrella in a hurry.)

The epic long distance-friendship: You’re at different corners of the world, but you whatsapp/viber furiously morning, noon and night, sending pics, updates and the latest goss. And when you finally meet up, beware, anyone who stands in your way! (So you’re travelling abroad – take our international card with you...)

The once a year friend: Shows up occasionally and does something with you, and then disappears again until your next chance collision. (Or maybe you’re just not a frequent visitor to the bank? Set up a fixed deposit account, so when you finally do collect your cash there’s just that much more!)

The happening friends: They know where all the best parties, movies and concerts are. When you tag along with them, you feel like a social butterfly yourself, getting photographed with all those beautiful people. (Use our special deals to get you discounts everywhere you go.)

The online ones: When someone asks you how you met them, you vaguely answer, “Well, um, friend of a friend, you know how it is...” because it’s still not quite done to admit that you actually are friends with someone you found on the Internet! But whether they’re tweeps, instagrammers or FB-ers, it’s inevitable in the digital age. (Online banking makes your life easier – bills payments, transfers, and so on, they’re only a click away.)

BFFs: So we saved the best for last. They say it’s not how long you’ve known someone, but how much they’ve been there for you. BFFs can be any kind of friend, but one thing’s for sure, they’re the best!

(We’ll stick with you throughout your life, helping you with your home, emergencies, and your dreams, all you have to do is ask.)

Have we left anyone out? Tell us more about your friends!