5 tips to minimize your road rage (and everyone else’s)

8th, June, 2020

1. Plan

Unless you like moving through traffic at the speed of a handicapped tortoise, it’s best to avoid times when people are travelling to or from work and school. Plan your trips so that you either leave before rush hour or after it. You’ll save yourself time, fuel and frustration.

Leave early, with a buffer of about fifteen minutes, so that you aren’t rushing and stressed out.


2. Pace yourself & keep your distance

Don’t speed – sounds obvious, right? But when you’re running late, it’s tempting to floor it. Just think about how much more trouble it would be if you meet with an accident or are stopped by the police, breathe, and ease off that pedal.

Even if you have all the right moves, another driver may be the one to drive you up a wall. Stay out of trouble by giving them their space – literally. Experts advise that you give the driver in front of you three seconds worth of space. Check this by looking at a stationary object – there should be at least three seconds between when the car in front passes it and when you pass it. If it’s raining, up that time to six seconds.


3. Tune out distractions

The most obvious is your phone. For the duration of your drive , put it aside; people who love you would much rather hear from you a bit later than hear you crash into something. Don’t text and drive, either. Eyes on the road!

Rocking out to your favourite tunes may seem to calm you down, but it also distracts you and slows down your reaction time. If you’re driving in tricky conditions, turn down the volume.


4. Stay alert

Don’t drive drunk – or when you’re sleepy. Losing focus and not reacting fast enough can put you and others in danger. Being distracted by anger or sadness doesn’t help either, so take a minute to calm down, or walk it off before you take the wheel. Feel free to make your passengers keep quiet if that’s what you need.


5. Take care of your car

Well, nothing is more rage-inducing than a badly timed breakdown. Plus, the longer you leave an issue, the more complicated it’s likely to get. Got your road rage handled but need to sort out a new set of wheels? We can help. Our leasing services are flexible enough to be tailored to your needs, and let you pick out payment terms that work for you. Speak to us, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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