2nd, October, 2020

Seylan Bank enables Merchant Portal services to American Education Center Ltd

Seylan Bank has enabled the American Education Center Ltd (ANC) to facilitate their payments through Seylan Merchant Portal, the first fully-fledged and multipurpose digital payment platform that offers a safer and more convenient option for carrying out digital transactions.

Seylan Bank offers its services to ANC Education Main Campus, covering its US and Australian undergraduate and postgraduate programs and for the Branch Campuses in Kandy and Maya Avenue catering to SQA and UWL programs for final year students. Through a fully customizable payment platform, Seylan Merchant Portal provides users the option to carry out cashless payments seamlessly with just one click through the ANC website. A salient feature of the platform is that it enables merchants to track their payments and customers’ spend history with a range of different insights, enhancing merchant reconciliation convenience, along with accepting payments seamlessly to provide great customer experience.

Another key aspect is the digitization of payment initiations and communication – the platform through its user-focused design ensures easier access when sharing payment links and or sharing reminders to customers through various communication channels.

Being at the forefront of modern digital trade in the banking sector of Sri Lanka, Seylan Bank believes in enabling the business community and entrepreneurs of the nation with tools to suit modern-day digital trading. Through the use of Seylan Merchant Portal, Seylan Bank aims to enhance customer experience and convenience.

Known as the Bank with a Heart, Seylan’s vision to enable and empower Sri Lankans with tools to face the future of Digital Economy is driven further through Seylan Merchant Portal. Seylan Bank plans to enable its Merchant Portal services and support system across a number of key industries to ensure service excellence and consumer convenience across a magnitude of local businesses, both big and small. For more information on products & services, please visit www.seylan.lk