Seylfie Youth Account

Understanding the Lifestyle of today’s youth, “Seylan Seylfie Youth Account” is a unique account designed especially for you. The account that empowers you, Seylan Seylfie, the innovative youth savings account.

Features and benefits

  • 100% Rupee Interest or up to 75% Rupee and Digital interest
Slab Digital Interest Rupee Interest
1 0% 100%
2 25% 75%
3 50% 50%
4 75% 25%
  • Chipped based branded debit card with SMS Alert
  • Avail for Mega Rewards
  • Access to Seylan Social Banking and internet banking
  • Receive e-statements for your transactions
  • Unlimited Withdrawals
  • Seylfie Current Account

Special benefits of Loans and credit cards:

  • Special Credit card for you , who have an income over LKR 15,000.00
  • Loan products with reduced interest rates –
  • Seylan Scholar Education Loan
  • Business Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Leasing


  • Sri Lankan Youth between the age of 18-26 years.

Documentation requirement :

For more downloads click here. 

Note: If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted. Other documents may be requested by the bank to ensure better customer service in the future.

Minimum Deposit :to open the account - LKR 3,500.00