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Members Enjoy 5% Cash Back Any Time Any Day!

Details / Promotions

Valid until 31st Dec 2022

Terms and Conditions


  • Offer valid for Credit Cards only.
  • Registering of Members will be Discontinued from 02nd Dec 2022
  • Cash Back of 5% for Members 
  • There is no limited time frame for pumping of fuel, offer is valid Any Time, Any Day.
  • Minimum Monthly spend of Rs.15,000 for members ( Monthly spend will be calculated from 01st to 31st of a specified month)
  • Maximum discount per month Rs.1,000/-
  • At the time of processing the refund , Credit Card Account should be in regular status without any payment Delays.
  • The refund will be added to the following month’s credit card statement.
  • The Bank has the right to limit the membership registrations without any prior notice to the customers based on market conditions.
  • Membership Registration Fee of LKR.1,999/- is non-refundable.
  • In the event of a cancellation the Bank has the right to claw back additional 4% of fuel cashback refunds (if any)  given up to the date of cancellation.
  • Registration PROCESS for membership
  • Customer to call Hotline 011 2008888 to register.
  • One time membership fee of Rs.1,999/- will be charged to the Credit Card at the month end as membership charges.
  • Customer will receive a SMS to the registered phone number on the Credit Card system once the registration is confirmed.
  • Registered members are entitled to a 5% refund of Rs.1,000 maximum, on a minimum monthly spend of Rs.15,000/- at next billing.
  • The 1% Cash back offer for non members is discountinued from 01st Aug 2022.
  • General Terms and Conditions of the Bank Apply

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