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Welcome to the new face of Seylan Internet Banking, enhanced with facilitation to provide you with easy access to your day today banking requirements at your fingertips. Save the time, now you need not to be in traffic to go to the branch or be in queues to fulfill your banking needs, use simple and secure Internet Banking facility. Just Login today using your User name and Password to experience the Seylan Bank Internet Banking.

You could use internet banking for:

  • Account Information

  • Funds transfers

  • Request cheque books

  • Place Standing orders

  • Credit Card services

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How to get started
  • Simple steps to login to your Seylan Bank Internet Banking Account:
    • Step 1 : Open an account at your preferred Seylan Bank branch

    • If you are already a Customer and haven’t got it yet

    • Step 2 : visit and submit your own Internet Banking Application online.

    • Step 3: Once you receive a “Token” to your given mobile number, visit your account holding branch to receive your password. .
  • Do not forget:
    • It’s important for you to read the “Terms and Conditions” for internet banking before registering yourself.
    • Ensure all the information provided by you is accurate.
    • Update your phone number with the bank to experience better service.
    • Whenever you are not accessing your accounts Do not divulge the password to anyone. .

  • Is it Secure?
Yes Unique User ID and Password Login
Yes “One Time Password (OTP)” is sent to your registered mobile number
Instant Alert Transaction alerts is sent to the registered mobile number
Yes Security Questions if there is a change in your login pattern.

Need to access Internet Banking Using mobile phone?

Download the Seylan Mobile App to access Seylan Internet Banking you could fulfill your banking needs while on the move.

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Soft Token Mobile Apps

Soft Token Mobile Apps

Seylan Internet Banking Soft Token is an application which generates a "One Time Password (OTP)" to perform transactions via the Internet banking and Mobile Banking. This app will eliminate the process of waiting for a ONE TIME PASSWORD usually sent via SMS. This service also works offline hence you don’t need to have an active data service on your phone therefore saving time and money when overseas.

Seylan Soft Token App is available for all Apple and Android devices and can be found on the respective app stores.

  • Benefits of Seylan Internet banking Soft Token
    • You can avoid any delays or accessibility via SMS
    • It also works when you are overseas on offline (no data) mode
    • Eliminates the hassle of activating Roaming as this app works without network coverage
    • Ability to switch from Soft Token to SMS OTP
  • When to use the Soft Token Application to generate an OTP
    • At the time when creating new fund transfer beneficiary
    • When making Ad-Hoc Fund Transfers
    • Placing standing orders
    • When creating Sri Lanka Customs payments