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Save today for a better tomorrow with an interest- bearing account for yourself or for your loved ones and make your future plans successful.


We are there to help you save while rewarding you for your savings at the special occasions of your life.

Age 0+ - 15 - Seylan Tikiri “ A world of benefits for the little ones”, Seylan Tikiri account fulfills every need in the world of the little ones with definite attractive gifts, bonus interests depending on the account balance and an array of exciting benefits and promotions.

Age 18+ Regular savings account is designed especially for regular savers. If you have been searching for a flexible, rewarding account then Seylan Regular Savings Account or Seylan 2in1 is a truly unique product that combines the best of both current and savings accounts to fulfill your needs.

Seylan Ihalin Ihalata a savings account which offers a higher interest with unlimited withdrawals.

Seylan Bank unveils it’s newest products, & Seylan Income Saver Savings Account providing total solutions for the borrowing needs of customers by considering the total income rather than limiting income to salaries.

Current Account

Discover a wide range of current accounts at Seylan Bank that suit your needs from personal to business and save in your 2in1 current account when you have got excess funds.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Seylan bank offers a range of Foreign currency Accounts with benefits and competitive interest rates. It distributed among residents to non- residents , in which Personal Foreign Currency Accounts (PFCA) , Inward Investment Account (IIA) , Business foreign Currency Accounts (BFCA) , Capital Transfer Rupee Account (CTRA) , Outward Investment Account (OIA), FCA for International service providers and Employees (FCISPE) , Foreign Currency Banking Unit (FCBU) are some of the accounts.

Time Deposit

Whether it’s a 7day investment or a 5 year investment, the bank offer a wide range of choices for you to invest on. Duration from 30 days (1month), 90 Days (3months), 180 days (6months), 365 days (1year), 2 years, 3 years, 4 Years- Shakthi FD to 5 Years- 5Star, while letting you decide on your investment term period through Flexi FD.

Seylan Benefit Schemes

These schemes support our loyal customers and share their happiness and lend a helping hand during tough times. Mega Reward is a benefit scheme for rupee savings customers and Thilina Sayura is a benefit scheme for NRFC, RFC account holders. Harasara benefit scheme is for senior citizens aged above 55 years.

Bundle Package

A wide range of products bundled for Professionals, Doctors and Manpower Agents.


Seylan Pawning service provides you a confidential, secure and speedy service when you face financial difficulties and needs financial assistance.


Other Value Additions

Gift Vouchers - Searching for a gift voucher to be gifted to your loved ones. We offer Seylan Tikiri Gift vouchers to be gifted to your kids.

Loans – a variety of Loans are available to suit your needs. Range from Personal, Housing, Business,SME, Leasing to Margin trading.

Safety Lockers - A way of keeping secure your valuables, Bank Safety Lockers are available to ensure safety to all your valuable items.

Remittance - To receive money from your loved ones whose living abroad.