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Personal Loan


To have that perfect wedding, a vacation, your child’s education or a much desired budget, you no longer need to wait to fulfill your aspirations, with Seylan Bank Personal Loans. We are here to help you at your financial needs by providing our personal loan designed to suit your individual needs and repayment capacity while you enjoy our service.

  • Loan for any purpose

  • Loans available for salaried individuals

  • Loans are available from Rs.200,000/- to Rs.5,000,000/-

  • Flexible repayment period maximum 7 Years

  • Attractive interest rates

  • Minimum Documentation

How to get started
  • Eligibility *
    • Age between 20 – 60 Years ( Loan to be settled within the retirement age)
    • Minimum monthly fixed income of LKR 50,000/-
    • Monthly salary to be remitted to Seylan Bank account for the entire loan duration.
    • Permanent & confirmed employees who have completed a minimum period of 12 months including the probation period.
    • CRIB 100% clear. No over 90days irregularities during last 2 years.
    • Employment should be in the approved employment list.
      (** Please call your nearest branch or hotline to check 011-2008888)
  • Documentation Requirement *
    • Valid National Identity card/ Driving License or Passport
    • Letter of confirmation from employer regarding employment
    • Evidence of income – last pay slips & Bank statement of last 3
    • Utility bill

* Additional time will be taken for processing any loan with any deviations from the eligibility criteria

  • Interest Rates
Period Professionals & Premium Companies Salary LKR 100,000/- & above Salary Category Salary Category
From LKR 50,000/- upto LKR 99,999/- Rate P.A % LKR 100,000/- and above Rate P.A %
01 Year 
02 Year
03 Year
04 Year
05 Year
06 Year
07 Year

  • Charges & Fees

Processing fees details

Charges apply under Normal Process (Approval within 04 working days)

Charges apply under Fast track  (Approval within 02 working days)

Up to LKR 1,000,000/-

LKR 3,750/-

LKR 7,500/-

LKR 1,000,001/- to LKR 3,000,000/-

LKR 6,250/-

LKR 12,500/-

LKR 3,000,001/- to LKR 5,000,000/-

LKR 7,750/-

LKR 15,500/-

Above LKR 5,000,000/-

LKR 10,250/-

LKR 20,500/-

Early settlement fee

Minimum LKR 5,000/- or 4% of the settlement amount

See all Service Charges>>>

Can I obtain a loan to settle my credit card or other bank loans?

Yes, you can for any purpose.

Do I need to provide “ Guarantors” ?


My Existing loan commitment is more than 40% of my salary. But I get overtime and other income and can pay another loan. Can I apply for a Personal Loan?

No. Not under this scheme. Only Fixed income is taken into consideration.

My Employment is not in the Banks Approval Employment List. Can my loan be considered?

Please call our Personal Banking Unit on 011-2456966 / 011-2456962, and check with them before applying.

Will any monthly installment change with any interest rate revision?

No. All loans are fixed at the approved interest rate for the entire loan period.

How is the interest calculated?

Equated installment, but interest calculated on the capital outstanding ( reducing balance)

What is a late payment fee?

4% on delayed capital.

What if my employment status change?

Please inform the Bank immediately.

How long will it take for my loan to get approved?

2 working days – Fast Track facilities 
4 working days – Normal facilities

Can I settle my loan in advance?

Yes. But early settlement fee of 4 % on capital, minimum LKR 5,000/-

Can I view my loan capital outstanding through Internet Banking?

Yes, If you are an Internet Banking customer, you can request to add the loan into the list via Internet Banking.

Have I to open an account with Seylan Bank?