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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is the Travel Credit Card refferd to as Multi Currency?

It can hold 5 different currencies at the a given time namely - USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SAR

2. Do I need to have an account with Seylan Bank to obtain a Travel Card?

No, you do not require an account with us.

3. What is the difference in obtaining a travel card, when I can use debit or credit card?

The exchange rate is locked in the point of purchase; there is no currency fluctuation involved.

4. Is the multi currency travel card accepted world wide?

Yes, it's globally accepted, in any VISA accredited outlets/ ATMs.

5. What is the maximum foreign currency amount that I can carry with me in my Travel Card?

Keeping in conformity to the Sri Lankan Exchange Control regulations, you are entitled for a maximum of USD 15,000.00 on producing valied travel documents.

6. Can I obtain a travel card from any of your branches?

Yes. You can obtain it from any Seylan Bank branch Island wide.

7. How can I set the ATM PIN in my travel card?

You will receive the ATM PIN along with the card. If you need to change the PIN or If you have forgotten the ATM PIN, by logging to the Customer Web Portal you can change/ reset the same.

8. What is the ATM limit that I can withdraw from my multi currency travel card?

You card withdraw upto USD 10,000.00 per day, subject to the daily withdrawl limits of the Bank you are using.

9. How can I set the ATM PIN ?

You will receive the ATM PIN along with the card. If you need to change the PIN or if you have forgotten the ATM PIN , by logging to the customer W eb Portal you could change/reset same.

10. How can I get my Web portal logging PIN ?

You will receive the Web logging Password to your registered email address at the time of activation of the card and you could activate your Web login on your own by accessing the Web portal (NET) with your Web Password. Using the Web Password you can operate your own card account .i.e. check the balances , de activate card ,( cancellation) ,transaction details .

11. Is there a charge at the point of cash withdrawal?

Yes USD 2/= or its equivalent(only on other Bank ATM’s) will be applied on Card Accounts at the time of transaction performed.In addition Please note that certain Banks levy an additional ATM fee which is notified to card member prior to transaction is performed, enabling card member to proceed with the transaction at the card member's discretion Please ensure that sufficient funds are available (inclusive of above both ATM charges) in any one wallet, since partial authorizations are not allowed

12. What is the limit (ATM’S) that I can draw?

You can draw up to USD 10,000 per day (daily with drawal limits of Bank's will apply)