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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What purpose can I obtain a housing loan for?

  • Purchase or construct a house
  • Purchase a land
  • Renovate, extend or complete an existing house
  • Settle an existing housing loan
  • Home improvements
  • Purchase a condominium

2. Documents required for the housing loan

  • Details of income
  • Title deeds and approved survey plan
  • Non vesting/ownership/street line and building lines certificate from local authority
  • Tax receipts for the last quarter
  • Bill of quantities
  • Approved condominium plan, tripartite agreement with power of attorney favoring the bank

3. Do we need a security for the loan?


  • Mortgage over house and property
  • Mortgage over the land

4. What will be the maximum repayment period?

25 years (The loan should be totally repaid by the Age of 60)

5. Who can apply for a home loan?

  • Salaried employees
  • Professionals
  • Businessmen
  • Sri Lankans employed abroad
  • Joint borrowers –spouse, parents with son/daughter 18 years old