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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Pay wave and how do I know it?

Pay wave by visa enables you to make payments, without any contact, its just a tab and go.

Featuring a distinctive contactless mark    on your  Visa Cards.


2. Why contactless payments with Visa?

Using Visa Contactless / Visa Paywave enable card or device, you are able to experience a quicker & more convenient way of making purchases. You don't have to sign a receipt or enter PIN, just to pay. This Saves time on both sides of the counter.

  • Fast & Easy - Tap to pay your purchases without fumbling with cash. No signature required for purchases below country limits.
  • Secure - Contactless payments with Visa carries multiple layers of security and onlt works when they are within 4cm of the payment terminals.
  • Convenient - it's widely accepted at merchants such a grocery stores, entertainment venues, restaurants and more.

3. Is there a limit on the value of goods you can purchase with Visa's Paywave Technology?

There is no limit of the value of goods that you can purchase with your Visa contactless - enabled card. You can use your Visa contactless enabled card for purchases upto country limit per transaction. No signature or PIN required.

4. What happens if I try to purchase goods over country limit from my Visa Paywave Card?

For purchases exceeding the country limit, the retailer will request for you to sign for the purchase made or enter the PIN ( which will be the ATM PIN)

5. Can I get a receipt after I make payment when I use my Pay Wave Card?

Contactless payment with Visa are designed to let you make paperless tap and go payment, but you can request for a receipt if one is required.