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Since starting operations nearly twenty six years ago, as the bank with a heart, Seylan has always aimed to make a difference to the lives of our customers. Your success is our reason for existing. All our services are created with this in mind.

Updated date: Tuesday, 14 July, 2015 - 15:52
Author: admin
Today,it’s story time

Once upon a time, there was a man who was quite happy with his life. He had everything he wanted and was getting married to the love of his life the next day. Now some might say that’s a reason to be worried, not happy, but we’re romantics and we believe in happily ever after, so we say he was content. He got married without a hitch too, apart from the usual old uncles dancing like crazy, and the aunties eyeing the bridesmaids for proposals After a few days, he found a mysterious package waiting for him there.

Updated date: Monday, 25 May, 2015 - 11:58
Author: admin
Be our friend

Friends shape who we are. They’re always around, one way or the other and sometimes we take them for granted because of that, but then something happens and we’re reminded of how amazing they are.How many of these do you recognise? (And just for fun, we’ll show you where we fit in too!)