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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

All Debit Cardholders and their immediate family members –(spouse and un married children (dependents) below the age of 23 years) and supplementary card holders, in case of joint accounts are entitled to a Free Travel Insurance for a period of one month from the travel date subject to purchasing of Air Tickets from the card.

Maximum age limit of 75 years. However between 60 -75 years a medical examination need to be done and the medical report to be issued by a recognized Doctor.

The applicable perils we cover with the respective amounts are as below:


Overseas emergency Accident and Medical Expenses & evacuation & Repatriation
(Repatriation in case of illness or accident /Repatriation of mortal remains)
20,000 75
Personal accident/ death/ Temporary Partial Disablement – (TPD)/loss of 2 limbs/ 2 eyes (100%)
Loss of one limb/ one eye 50%
2,000 Nil
Common carrier baggage loss 500 25
Delay in checked in baggage 50 Up to 12 hours
Loss of passport 150 Nil
Personal liability 1,000 100
Missed departure / Connection 50 Nil

*Excess – the amount to be borne by the policy holed

The following conditions are applicable when obtaining the Travel Insurance Policy.

  1. The Policy is issued free of charge to the cardholder below the age of 70 years for the 1st month and the following fees are applicable for each additional month requested. USD 6.25 per person / per extra month
  2. Cardholders between the ages 70 to 75 must pay a fee from 1st month itself as the policy is not issued free of charge. USD 9.67 per person/per month

The cardholders to be advised to contact the Call Centre in order to enroll for the insurance and obtain Embassy letters if required.