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Top Factors to Consider in a new Home


Whether you buy or build, there is so much to be considered when it comes to your dwelling place. Most people have a check list to go over. But, in case you don’t or you may have missed something here are 8 top factors to be considered when it comes to a new home;

  1. Location, location, location
  2. Almost everything else about a house can be changed, but one! The location of your house is absolutely crucial. Ease of access, distance from work, traffic, and access to shops and public transport are all factors affected by location.

  3. Situational factors
  4. This would have to do with the site of the home. Is it on a hill? Does it have a view? Is it suitable to children or pets? Ideally, the choice you make would have to fit your lifestyle.

  5. The Neighborhood
  6. Scout out the neighborhood so that you know what your neighbors are like. Also, it would be great to know of any parks, restaurants or exciting locations in the vicinity.

  7. Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  8. Decide how many of each you would need and look into places that meet your requirement when buying or manage your floor plan to accommodate your needs when building.

  9. The Kitchen
  10. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, make sure it’s to your liking. Remodeling is possible but often very expensive.

  11. Windows and Lighting
  12. Ideally, one would want enough windows to keep the house bright during the day, but not so much that the neighbors are free to see anything. When it comes to lights, it usually is a matter of preference.

  13. Structure
  14. Don’t take much notice of the colors of the walls. Those can be changed. Pay more attention to its structure. See that your new house has enough space and a thought-out structure.

  15. The Roof

Make sure to check the condition of a roof when buying a house or to invest in installing a proper roof on a house being built. It’s important to have a roof in good condition.

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