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Stay connected with your Seylan Bank Savings Accounts, Current Account and Credit Cards through our SMS alerts service. This service will keep you updated with the latest banking transactions via SMS on your registered mobile number.

This service will be available to all Seylan Savings, Current Account and Credit Cardholders.

  • Free of charge Alerts
  • The registered customers can enjoy “Free of Charge” mobile alerts on the following transactions;

      • Credit Card transactions made via ATMs, POS  
      • Debit Card transactions made via ATMs, POS
      • One Time Password (OTP) – Internet banking
  • Eligibility
      • Savings Account holders
      • Current Account holders
      • Credit Cardholders
  • How to Activate?
  • To Activate: for all account
    Type “CASA YES” and send to 3040

    To deactivate: for all accounts
    Type “CASA NO” and send to 3040

    Please Note: if you wish to “deactivate” alert for specific accounts, visit your account holding branch.

  • Alert details & Fee
  • First 10 SMS alerts sent during the month will be “Free Of Charge” and thereafter LKR 1/- per SMS Alert, excluding the Free of Charge Alerts define above.


How can I register my Mobile Number to received SMS Alerts

You register or update you Mobile registered with Bank by any of the below methods

  1. Download, Fill, Print, Sign the E-Info Update form and
    • Hand over at any Branch
    • Post it Seylan Bank PLC account holding branch
  2. Log on to Internet Banking and Send us Secure message with you current Mobile Number
  3. Call our Hotline request for a form
  4. Come over to any branch update your number

What are the free transactions for which I can get SMS alerts ?

  • All Debit and Credit card transactions alerts {Point of Sale (POS) and ATM transactions}.
  • First 10 transaction alerts from Current and Savings account per month per account.
  • Internet banking OTP messages
  • SeyCash remittance confirmation alerts

From when will SMS alert charges come into effect ?

  • SMS alerts sent from 01st of September 2018.

What are the transactions for which I will get charged for SMS alerts ?

  • Each alert over and above 10 SMS alerts on Current and Saving accounts will be charged Rs. 1/- per SMS.

How can I get registered for the facility ?

  • By sending a SMS typing “CASA YES” to 3040 and await bank response via SMS.

How can I disconnect the facility ?

  • By sending a SMS by typing “CASA NO” to 3040 and await bank response via SMS.

When I get disconnected from the facility will I be able to avail the facility again when needed?

Yes you can get reconnected.

  1. If you had deactivated the facility on your own, send a SMS by typing “CASA YES” to 3040 and await bank response via SMS for activation.
  2. If the bank had deactivated your facility please contact  any Seylan bank branch to activate the service.

If I am an existing customer receiving SMS alerts do I need to register again

  • Yes, you need to register if you wish to receive current and savings account SMS alerts.

If I am an existing customer receiving SMS alerts will I continue receiving alerts even if I don’t register

  • No until you register your previous facility will be discontinued.

Will I get a notification on the charges at end of the month ?

  • Yes, you will get a notification

When will you charge my account ?

  • First working day of the following month. (E.g. SMS alerts from 1st to 30th of September will be charged on 1st of October)

Can I get additional SMS for the transactions which I don’t get now and pay for same as well ?

  • Yes you can request the bank to add the additional transaction types. The bank will review and accommodate your request provided there are no system limitations.

How can I know which transaction alerts got charged to my account ?

  • All transactions that are routed via your Current or Savings accounts are charged apart from the transactions described in item 2 above.