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Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System


Seylan Bank’s SLIPS (Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System) is an interbank electronic funds transfer system that provides the opportunity to transfer funds in the local clearing network in Sri Lanka. This ensures that your payments are processed securely and safely, thereby giving you peace of mind.

  • Benefits:
  • This can be used to make any payment to any bank in Sri Lanka
    • e.g. Credit Card Payments, Employee Salaries, dividend payments, other bank loan repayment, funds transfers
    • If originated before 12.00 noon the beneficiary account will be credited on the same day
    • Save time and avoid the risk of carrying physical cash and depositing in other banks
    • Transactions could be originated through Internet banking
    • No cap limit on the remittance values (LKR 5.00 Million per transaction)
    • Cut off times
    • Outward SLIPS (T+0) 12.00 Noon
      Forward Day transactions (T+1) 4.00pm
Interest Rates & Fees


SLIPS charges upto LKR 1,000,000/- per transaction Rs. 100.00/-
SLIPS charges over LKR 1,000,000/- per transaction Rs. 200.00/-

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