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Seylan Credit Cards are rapidly gaining trust and winning hearts of customers. Seylan Credit Card is also one of the most preferred card in the market.

  • Benefits & features

    Maximize the usage of your account:

    • Interest Rate applicable for Credit Cards are 18% p.a for Platinum, Gold, Classic Credit Cards and Freedom Credit Card.

    • With a Platinum Seylan Credit Card you don’t have to carry cash. You could use it for day-to-day purchases such as paying hospital bills, restaurant bills, shopping etc. both locally and internationally.

    • Maximum of 51 Days Interest Free Credit

    • Cards are accepted at over 30 Million Merchant outlets and at over 1.6 Million ATMs globally

    • 0% Interest free Instalment Schemes

    • Travel Insurance

    • Register for Internet & Mobile Banking at Zero Cost

    • Seylan Express Cash

    • SMS alert is generated free of charge after each transaction to ensure high security when using your Seylan Credit Card.

    • 24 hour Call Center for convenience

    • A wide range of “ Deals and Promotions”

    • Register for E-Statement

      view your statement on the go even on your Smart phone

    • Get your Seylan Credit Card updates via a SMS Anywhere, Anytime.

      Type SBK CC & Send to 3040 from your registered mobile number If you have multiple cards,
      Type SBK CC (Last 4 digits of your credit card) & Send to 3040 from your registered mobile number

    • Perform online transactions to purchase goods & services, make bill payments wherever you are, whenever you need

  • Eligibility
    • You should be at least 18 years of age
    • You should have a permanent job that pays you at least LKR75,000/- a month (nett)

Limits & tariff
  • Credit Limit
  • Rs.200,000 and above
  • Tariff

Type of Fee

Amount/ Description

Joining Fee

LKR 2,750/-

Annual Fee

LKR 3,500/-

Supplementary Card Fee

LKR 2,750/-


Interest Free days on purchases (maximum)

51 Days

(Interest Free days are applicable only when full settlement is made monthly and is not applicable for Cash Advances)
Interest/Finance Charges on Purchases 1.5% for Platinum, Gold & Classic Credit Card and 1.5% for Freedom Credit Card per month from transaction date up to settlement date

Late payment fee

LKR 990/-

Excess Limit fee

LKR 1,000/-

PIN Re. Issue fee

LKR 200/-

Cash Advance Fee

LKR 500/- or 3% (which ever is higher)

Statement copy fee

LKR 400/-

Confirmation Letter Issuing Fee

LKR 600/-

Voucher Copy Retrieval fee

LKR 850/-

Cheque Return – Refer to drawer

LKR 2,000/-(plus postage)

Cheque Return – Other Reasons

LKR 1,000/-(Plus Postage)

Lost card Replacement fee

LKR 1000/-

Overseas Courier Fee

LKR 2500/-

How to get started
  • How to get started
    • Call 011 2 008 888
    • Visit any Seylan Bank branch islandwide
    • SMS : YES your NIC number 011 2 008 888
    • Fax number: 011-2441027
Interest Calculation
  • Interest Calculation
    • No interest will be levied (except on cash advances) if full payment is made on or before the due date. You will enjoy up to 51 days free of interest (depending on the transaction date), provided the previous months total outstanding is paid by the due date in full.
    • If full payment is not settled on or before the due date, interest will be calculated from respective transaction dates up to the billing date on reducing balance basis. 
    • Interest/ Finance charges will be charged if full payment is made after the due date
    • Interest will not be charged for purchases billed in current month but will be charged on the following month (from the transaction date) if not settled in full by for due date.
    • Interest to a particular transaction will be charged from the transaction date on the following month and there onward from the billing date, if rolled over.
    • Payments are first applied to charges and then to purchase and cash advances on FIFO basis.
    • Cash advances will accrue interest from the date of transaction until it is paid in full.
    • Example on interest calculation
Modes of Credit Card payment
  • Modes of Credit Card payment
    • Credit card bill payments through Seylan Internet Banking or Seylan Mobile app by downloading via Play store or App store
    • Automatic transfer instruction (Direct Debit) to recover the card due amount from your Seylan current or saving account on monthly basis
    • Make a CEFTs transfer from a current or saving account via any CEFTs enabled bank’s Internet Banking.
    • Cash deposits at any Seylan Cash Deposit Machine
    • Cheque deposits at any Seylan Bank branch
    • Cash deposit at any Seylan Bank counter
    • Cash payments at Cargills Food city Outlets (Subject to a handling fee of 0.75% flat)

What if I lose my Seylan Credit Card?

Loss of cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre on24 Hour hotline2 00 88 88and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.

How could I obtain a Seylan Credit card?

Anyone who is above 18 years and in a position to prove a steady income over Rs.30,000/- could apply.You may Call 2 00 88 88 and leave your contact details and we will make arrangements for an agent to visit.

How long will it take to obtain a Seylan Visa Credit Card?

It will take a minimum of 7 working days and maximum of 12 working days once the relevant documents are handed to the branch/ sales officer

How to calculate the Minimum Payment?

Minimum Payment = 5% of outstanding Purchases and Cash Advances + 100% of Interst, Fees and the Overdue Amount (if any).

On what basis will the Bank charge the Late Payment Fee?

If the customer fails to pay the Minimum Payment on or before the Due Date the Late Payment Fee will be charged

On what basis is the Over Limit Fee charged?

If the customer exceeds the approved Credit Limit at any given date of the particular Billing Cycle an Over Limit Fee will be charged