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A special bundle package was developed for Doctors registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council

Product Special Additional Benefits for Doctors
Current Accounts
  • No annual fee to be charged for Internet and SMS banking for 5 years
  • Gold Debit Cards with no joining fee for first year
  • Free Debit Card (Gold Debit Cards no annual fee for first year)
  • Free internet & SMS banking. (For five years)
Credit Cards (Platinum Credit Cards to be issued)
  • No annual fee for first year.
  • No joining fee.
  • No over limit fee.
  • No cash advance fee.
  • Special seasonal holiday and travel packages
Travelers Cards
  • Issued Free of charge
  • Free travel insurance (If value loaded is USD 500 and above)
  • Eligibility:
    • Members of Sri Lanka Medical Association Members of Sri Lanka Medical Council.
  • Terms and conditions:
    • Special benefits will be applied subject to submission of respective valid Identity Cards of members.
    • All existing benefits which are associated to the above products will remain unchanged.
    • Special benefits will be applied for existing customers as well.
    • Special benefits will be applied with immediate effect until further notice.