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Seylan Visa Platinum Debit Card is linked to your Savings / Current / NRFC / RFC account. This card could be used at over 30 Million merchant outlets worldwide to purchase goods and services to the direct debit of your account. Seylan Visa Debit Cards could be used to withdraw Cash at over 2.2 Million Visa ATMs globally. With the Seylan Visa Debit Card managing your funds is easier than ever before.

    Benefits & features

    • You do not have to wait in queue to withdraw cash. You can withdraw up to LKR 300,000/- from any Visa ATM (subject to ATM limits of the particular bank)& use up to LKR 1,500,000/- at any Merchant outlets worldwide

    • A wide range of “ Deals and Promotions”

    • You will be entitled for exclusive savings at Clothing outlets, Hotels, Jewellery & Accessories, Health, Automobile and many more

  • Eligibility
    • Any Seylan Bank customer who maintains
    • A Savings Account
    • A Current Account
    • NRFC/RFC Account
    • You should be at least 18 years of age to obtain a Debit Card
Limits & tariff


Amount LKR

Debit card annual fee


Debit card issuance fee


Card re- issue fee


Pin re issue fee


Lost card replacement fee


ATM withdrawal fee- Seylan ATMs


ATM withdrawal fee- other bank ATMs


ATM withdrawal  fee –Lanka pay  ATMs


ATM withdrawal fee - Foreign


Balance inquiry fee- Seylan ATMs


Balance inquiry fee- other bank ATMs


Balance inquiry fee-Lanka pay ATMs


Balance inquiry fee – Foreign 


  • The Bank reserves the right to change the above rates at any time with prior notice.
  • No refund of Annual Fees will be made if the card is terminated or not accepted.
  • Fuel Surcharge 1%.
  • Cards Agreement
How to apply
  • Call 011 2 008 888
  • Visit any Seylan Bank branch island wide
  • Card Centre Fax number: 011-2441027
  • Terms & Conditions

How long will it take to obtain a Seylan Visa Debit Card?

The Visa Debit Card is now offered over the counter as an “Instant” Card at the time you open an account.

What if I lose my Seylan Visa Debit Card?

Loss of VISA cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre on 24 Hour hotline +94 11 2 008 888 and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.