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Special Foreign Investment Deposit Account - SFIDA


Special Foreign Deposit Account or SFIDA is an interest earning deposit account for foreign Nationals and Sri Lankan citizens residing overseas.

  • Type of accounts

    The account could be opened as a Savings and Fixed Deposit.

  • Range of currencies

    A choice of designated currencies in which you can maintain your account: USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, CAD, HKD, GBP, CHF, AUD, DKK, SEK, NZD

  • Save and earned benefits

    entitle yourself for “Hotel Stay” through “Seylan Thilina Sayura” benefit schemes by maintaining a balance of USD 25,000 or equivalent.

  • Track your money

    view all your Seylan Bank accounts, previous and current statements and much more with Seylan Bank Internet banking

  • Wide Network

    islandwide branch network for your convenience

  • Global Access

    allows withdrawals all over the world via Visa accredited ATMs .

  • Advantage

    • The currency, in which the account maintained can be converted to any other designated currency at the discretion of the account holder
    • No exchange risk if placed in foreign currency
    • Reconversion of Rupee to any designated foreign currencies

How to get started
  • Eligible Persons
    • Citizens of foreign states resident in or outside Sri Lanka
    • Sri Lankan citizens resident outside Sri Lanka
    • Corporate bodies incorporated outside Sri Lanka
    • Foreign Institutional such as country funds, mutual funds and regional funds
  • Credits:
    • Proceeds of inward remittance received from abroad through banking system for the purpose of in such deposits
    • Foreign currency in a form of traveler’s cheques, bank drafts or bank notes brought into the country by the account holder.
    • Interest accruing on the funds held in the account
  • Debit:
    • Outward remittances
    • Transfers to other FIDAs
    • Disbursement of the account holder in Sri Lanka and relevant stator payment (e.g: debit tax)
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