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Seylan “Tikiri“ super 16 Junior Rugby Carnival 2016 reaching its Peak

Seylan ‘Tikiri’, Sri Lanka’s favorite minor savings account sponsored Super 16 junior rugby carnival was held on 16th and 30th of July for the5th consecutive year at the Royal College Sports Complex in Reid Avenue. This year it has been named as Seylan Tikiri Super 16 Junior Rugby Fiesta 2016. 19 leading rugby playing schools in the island and few rugby academies participated in the tournament this year. All together 80 teams participated in the tournament under the age categories of 10 & 12.

Junior Rugby Carnival has initiated by “SLRFU” & “Super 16” under the guidance of legendary local rugby player veteran Mr. Summa Navaratnam in order to mold junior rugby players for the future of the game.

Seylan bank partnered the tournament along with Seylan Tikiri , Sri lanka’s leading minor savings account to promote junior rugby in sri lanka and also to promote savings among kids from their small age.

Launched in 1992, Seylan ‘Tikiri’ went on record as being the first ever minor savings account in Sri Lanka to introduce a gift scheme. Consistent savings was the major drive as Seylan ‘Tikiri’ soon embraced thousands of children from all parts of Sri Lanka and rapidly grew to become a popular household name. Tikiri Kids will get special gifts as the account balance grows with deposits. Arrangements were made for the parents to open accounts during the two days and special gifts were given away. Tikiri caps, pens note books pencil cases and Seylan scholar bags were given as gifts for the kids. Raffle draw was arranged for the kids who opened accounts during the tournament. Tikiri bicycles and, scooters were given for the winners.

3rd and the final phase of the tournament will be held on 13th of August at the Royal College Sports Complex and Seylan Bank invites parents to come along with kids on 13th to support respective schools and players who are going to be the future players of Sri Lnakan Rugby. Also kids will have opportunity to save and win fabulous gifts from Seylan Tikiri.