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Seylan Seylfie Youth Savings Account


Understanding the Lifestyle of today’s youth, “Seylan Seylfie Youth Account” is an unique account designed especially for you. The account that empowers you, Seylan Seylfie, the innovative youth savings account.

  • Sri Lankan Youth between the age of 18-26 years.

  • Minimum Deposit of LKR 2000/- to open the account.

  • 100% Rupee Interest or up to 75% Rupee and Digital interest

    Slab Digital Interest Rupee Interest
    1 0% 100%
    2 25% 75%
    3 50% 50%
    4 75% 25%

    Minimum Digital interest will be LKR 50/- and the maximum will be LKR 2,000/-

  • Chipped based branded debit card.

  • High interest on your savings

  • E-statements for your transactions.

  • SMS Alert on transactions.

  • Unlimited Withdrawals.

  • Loan products with reduces interest rates –

    • Seylan Scholar Education Loan
    • Business Loans
    • Personal Loans
    • Leasing

  • Seylfie Current Account

  • Special Credit card - who earn an income over LKR 15,000/-

  • Free access to Seylan Social Banking and internet banking.

Special Benefits

At special occasions in your life we reward you with benefits.

  • 21st Birthday
  • Higher Educational achievement
Category LKR 20,000/-to
LKR 30,000/-
LKR 30,001/-

LKR 60,001/-to LKR90,000/- LKR 90,001/-
LKR 150,000/-
LKR 150,001/-
And above
21st Birthday LKR 1,000/- LKR 2,000/- LKR 3,000/- LKR 5,000/- LKR 7,000/- & additional LKR 2,000/- for minimum of LKR 50,000/- maintained. (maximum LKR 25,000/- only)
Higher Educational Achievement LKR 2,000/- LKR 4,000/- LKR 6,000/- LKR 8,000/- LKR 10,000/- & additional LKR 2,000/- for minimum of LKR 50,000/- maintained, (maximum LKR 25,000/- only)

  1. Maintain a minimum credit balance of LKR 20,000/- in your savings account or current account for a continuous period of 12 calendar months preceding the event.
  2. Customers who have obtained credit facilities against their Seylfie savings/Seylfie current account balance are not eligible to receive rewards under Seylan Seylfie Benefits.
  3. Qualifying period will be calculated by excluding the month the event has occurred
  4. Necessary documents should be submitted within 3 calendar months of the event in order to receive grants; from the date of 21st birthday / official results release date.
  5. The grant for higher educational achievements will be offered for a Degree or any other professional qualifications with course period of minimum duration of 12 months.
  6. E.g. ACCA, SLIM, CIM, CIMA, Professional Diplomas

  7. Date of publishing the official results will be considered for the grant of Educational Achievement.
  8. Only one claim would be entertained per account holder under higher educational achievement category for a period of 365 days from the date of the event.
  9. Only One Account will be entitled for the benefit.
  10. The bank reserves the right to alter or cancel the benefit scheme without prior notice.
  11. In the event of any dispute with regards to any benefit stated herein the banks’ decision will be final.

Seylan Bank PLC and Dialog Axiata PLC Partnership

  • A Dialog SIM will be offered free, with special benefits.
  • Seylan Seylfie customers are able to purchase Dialog Devices on a special instalment payment scheme with added usage benefits.
How to get started
  • Eligibility – age 18 – 26 years Sri Lankans
  • Documentation requirement -
    • National Identity Card
    • If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.
    • Any document required from the bank for KYC purpose
  • Minimum Deposit
Account Type Minimum Deposit
Savings LKR 2,000/-
Current LKR 25,000/-
Social Banking
  1. Log on to your “Facebook Account”
  2. On the search bar type "Seylan Social Banking"
  3. Enter your details and you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile.
  4. Enter the OTP.
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions and Accept and proceed.
  6. You can now experience Sri Lanka’s first ever Social Banking App through Facebook platform from Seylan Bank.
  7. A user guide and product demo video is available on the Facebook app and Corporate website.

Seylan Bank has the right to revise or remove any of the above mentioned benefits without prior notice.


Fee Details Fees
Online Banking Services
ATM Card Issuance Fee Gold / Platinum LKR 500/-, Seylfie LKR 250/-, Others LKR 350/-
ATM Card Annual Fee LKR 300/-
Internet Banking Free of Charge
Savings account closure charges LKR 500/-


Interest Rate


Seylan Seylfie Youth Account