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Seylan Office Challenge 2015

On the 22nd of March 2015, Seylan Bank , the bank with a heart, emerged with yet another amazing challenge for corporate staff from a number of companies in Sri Lanka. Titled “Seylan Office Challenge - 2015”, it was a fantastic moment for all who participated to relax and have some proper office-style fun – and to win Rs 300,000 in cash prizes while competing with one another.

Teams representing different corporate and business entities squared up to face eight challenges,  based on daily routines at office. Teams were given to seal papers, throw disks to a cardboard box placed 10 feet away, staple a stack of A4’s, make a chain out of paper clips and try their speed in math by summing up combinations of days in a calendar; a modern-day version of Hercules’ Twelve Labours, acted out with paperclips and office stationary. As with any modern-day business, team work and strategy were pivotal to victory.

“We enjoyed this Sunday far more than usual because of the sparkle and the atmosphere created by the Seylan Team,” said Mr Ranjith Samaranayake, General Manager of LSR Hotels (Pvt) Ltd, relaying the feedback of his company’s team. "It was a well organised event,” said Sashini Weerasinghe, an attendee. “All of us enjoyed every single second. We even learned something - to avoid too many choices if we need to be successful, to be in decision making and also on how to handle too many opinions. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to spend this great time with you."

The final competition was pretty fierce, with many worthy companies vying for the limelight; eventually, WSO2’s team ‘Bazinga’ emerged victorious, winning not just one, but several categories. Mr. Tilan Wijeyesekera, Deputy General Manager – Marketing said “ Seylan Bank being in the forefront in social and digital media always strive to give our fans and customers the best of everything. So this was one such engagement where Seylan wanted to promote  team building and online – offline engagement methods to our fans”.

"Thank you very much for this superb opportunity,” said Kanishka Hettige. “We had so much of fun throughout the day while gaining a new level of experience. Thank you very much for this superb opportunity."

Lalini Fernando - "The office challenge was truly a learning experience, filled with fun, laughter, team building, spirit and unity, which was the ultimate achievement. Thank you Seylan. "Vikum Thebuwana - "The event was well organised in such a way that Seylan really kept their image at a higher level. Had so much of fun that we are looking forward to join our hands with you in our future events too. Thank you Seylan."I enjoyed the event after some really busy days at work,” said Damith Jayawickrama, as the participants congratulated each other. “It made me engage with lots of new people too. Thank You, Seylan, for making it a happening event."The event was truly an innovative effort by the Bank, who always leads the social and digital media spehere in the Banking and Financial sector in Sri Lanka. Having won a number of awards for the best use of social and digital media, Seylan Bank continues to grow with its innovative efforts in this new age media and Seyaln Office Challenge was a clear example to this.