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Provides essential supplies to renovate schools and build libraries

The well-being of children has always been one of the core interests of Seylan Bank and in their continuous effort to uphold the betterment of school children; Seylan Bank accepted an invitation from Manusath Derana to join the Sipsal Pubuduwa Program this year.

The Sipsal Pubuduwa Program was launched in January 2018 and will run for a period of 12 months. Within this period Seylan Bank together with Manusath Derana will repair a total of 12 schools and furnish the schools with basic instruments that are required for their School Libraries, Laboratories, furniture for the classrooms, electricity supply, restoring water sources, Sports equipment, Musical instruments and AV equipment to name a few.

“Education is a fundamental right for any child and as corporates it is our responsibility to enable the future generation of Sri Lanka to reach their basic education requirements. In order to guide them in the right direction, we need to equip them with necessary infrastructural support, so they may reach their fullest potential at school. We are humbled to support this program which has allowed us to repair and provide essential facilities to rural schools that are often neglected or overlooked from the authorities due to budget constraints,” Gamika De Silva Head of Marketing and Sales of Seylan Bank PLC commented.

Further elaborating on Seylan’s focus on fortifying the future of Children through education, De Silva said; “Providing access to knowledge sources can fast track the sustainable development of the country. Having said that Seylan Bank understands the value of enabling the children of Sri Lanka with the right tools to gain access to a sea of information which is readily available; be it through a fully equipped library that has print as well as online material or by creating conducive environment for them to be educated.”

The project was implemented considering the alarming number of requests Derana TV received during its CSR activities carried out in North Central province in the past months.

Meanwhile Seylan Bank’s flagship CSR initiative Seylan Pehesara has transformed over 150 underprivileged school libraries since March 2013, equipping them with enhanced infrastructure, donating books and computers, enabling the students with the latest downloading facility of E-books along with other interactive learning platforms. The Bank has also furnished these libraries with multimedia projectors providing students to engage with interactive educational and productive learning modes.