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Seylan Avurudu Campaign 2018


Seylan Avurudu Campaign 2018

Following the tradition of “Ganu Denu” during Sinhala & Hindu New Year Season, the bank will offer special gifts for your deposits made to Seylan Savings Accounts & Seylan Tikiri Accounts.


from 02nd April 2018 to 15th May 2018

Eligible Account types

  • Saving Accounts (18Years & above)
    • Normal Savings Accounts
    • Income Saver Savings Accounts
    • Ihalin Ihalata Savings Accounts
    • Seylan 2in1 Savings Accounts
    • Seylan Seylfie Savings Accounts
  • Children’s Savings Account
    • Seylan Tikiri Savings Accounts

Promotion / Special Features:

Gifts on offer:

  • A ‘Whistling Kettle’ would be offered to customers who deposit Rs. 50,000/- or more in any of the above savings Accounts. ( 18 Years and above)
  • A set of ‘Blocky Toys’ (3 toys in a set) would be offered to customers who deposit Rs. 9,500/- or more to existing or new Tikiri accounts. 2 sets (6 Blocky toys) of the same would be offered for deposits of Rs 19,000/- and above.

Tikiri customers will be eligible to claim the existing gifts on the current Tikiri gift scheme (when the account balances reach the respective gift slabs) in addition to the special gifts mentioned above.


  • Customers have to give their consent to withhold the deposits made to above savings accounts (except Seylan Tikiri Savings Accounts) for a period of 1 year to receive the gift
  • Tikiri gifts (Blocky Toys) will be offered for kids below 15 years.
  • Above gifts will be on offer until stock last (However the promotion would end on the 15th May 2018.)


The nearest Seylan Bank branch or Call Centre 011-200 88 88 for more details.