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Seylan Savings Planner

Seylan Savings Planner

Are you making plans for the future? Seylan My Plan will help secure your future, and lets you choose the amount to save per month for a period suitable for you, in your preferred currency LKR or USD, you’ll receive a guaranteed interest rate on your investment with wide range of benefits.

Based on your interest, Seylan My Plan has 3 categories;

  • Dollar Savings Plan For Sri Lankan Citizens aged 18 Years and above residing in Sri Lanka and working or residing overseas / business entities.

The Seylan Savings Planner Account holders are entitling for the following benefits as given below.

Period of years 02 & 05
Interest Rate 4.5 % (02) & 5.0% (05)
Currency FCY USD
Minimum maturity target USD 1000/-
Maximum maturity target USD 50,000/-
Seylan Rewards scheme/ Thilina Sayura/Seylan Sure yes
E- or Normal statement Quarterly
Cash back loan facility 75% of outstanding balance
Premature account closures. (Accounts will be subject to normal saving interest rates there on wards) yes

Terms and Conditions

  1. Withdrawals will not be permitted before the maturity date.
  2. Seylan Rewards Scheme will be applied subject to exiting terms and conditions
  3. Special Terms & Conditions will be applied.
  4. All other features will remain same as per the LKR/FCY individual and business savings accounts.