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Safe Deposit Lockers

A safe deposit locker with Seylan Bank ensure the safe keeping of your valuables .those are located at selected branches in cities all over the country.
  • Islandwide availability

  • Lockers available in various sizes

  • Competitive rentals

  • Nomination facility available

  • who is eligible
  • Lockers can be hired by individuals, limited companies associations and trusts
How to get started
  • Documents Required
    • Safety Deposit locker application
    • Valid national identity cards, or driving license, pass port with the NIC number
    • Safety Locker rental Agreement form
    • Specimen signature card
    • Know Your Customer Form
Interest Rates Fees
  • Rental
  • Annual Rent in (Rs)
    • Small LKR 3,000/-
    • Medium LKR 4,000/-
    • Large LKR 5,000/-
    • Extra large LKR 6,000/-
    • Rupee fixed deposits or Savings under lien should be made for obtain of any type of deposit lockers
  • Procedure for Surrender of Lockers
    • By giving a prior notice
    • Returning the customer keys
    • Settling all rental dues
    • Signing the surrender clause appearing on the application /agreement form