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Resident Foreign Currency Account - RFC



    Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Account is a savings scheme introduced to individuals who are citizens or non-citizen residents in Sri Lanka. This provides the privilege of saving in foreign currency and Seylan RFC Accounts offer you a wide range of benefits on your savings.

    • Type of Accounts

      Savings Accounts and Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits

    • Save and make the change

      by opening a RFC account today entitle yourself for" Seylan Thilina Sayura" benefit scheme with the monthly interest

    • Use alternative access

      easily access your account through alternative banking channels e.g Internet Banking

    • Global Access

      Seylan Bank Debit cards could be used at any Visa accredited ATM or merchants' world wide

    • Range of Currencies


    • Tax exemption

      for interest earned for deposits as per current regulations

  • Eligibility
    • Sri Lankan citizens or Foreign Passport holders on permanent visa's
  • Documentation requirement
    • Sri Lankan Passport visa page
    • Foreign Nationals Permanent visa documents
    • Deposits to open the account: USD 100/- or equivalent value in other designated currencies
Interest Rates Fees

    Given below are the interest rates for NRFC / RFC / SFIDA / RNNFC / NRNNFA / FEEA / FCISPE / SIA / SFNA

    Currency Code Minimum InterestRate % p.a AER
    US Dollar USD 25 2 2.0184
    Sterling Pound GBP 15 1.5 1.5104
    Euro EUR 20 1 1.0046
    Australian Dollar AUD 35 2 3.0416
    Japanese Yen JPY 2,850 0.125 0.1251
    Swiss Franc CHF 35 0.125 0.1251
    Singapore Dollar SGD 45 0.25 0.2503
    Canadian Dollar CAD 30 1.5 1.5104
    Danish Kroner DKK 175 1.5 1.5104
    Swedish Kroner SEK 200 1.5 1.5104
    Hong Kong Dollar HKD 200 0.125 0.1251
    New Zealand Dollar NZD 35  1.5000 1.5104

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What are the types of credits to the RFC account?

Inward Remittances received and foreign currency brought into the country.
Interest earned in foreign currency on these accounts.

What are the types of debits from the RFC accounts?

Debits to theses accounts are freely allowed for international transactions.
Funds transfers from one RFC account to another RFC account are permited.

What do I need to open a RFC account ?

You need only the N I C ,and to fill a mandate .

Can I transfer funds from a NRFC account to a RFC , and wise versa ?.

You can transfer funds from NRFC account to a RFC account but ,not from RFC to NRFC.