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Express Cash
Now you can obtain a “Seylan Express Cash” facility up to 75% of your available credit limit and payback in up to 6,12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 monthly installments at a nominal handling fee


Key Features
  1. No documents required
  2. No interest will be charged. Only a minimal handling fee applicable
  3. No bank account to be maintained or guarantors required
  4. Easy application process and flexible repayment.

How it works
Based on the available credit limit, cardholders can request for SEYLAN EXPRESS CASH facility for a minimum of Rs. 25,000/- or up to a maximum of 75% of the available credit limit. Cardholders can pay back in equal monthly installments and there is a minimal handling fee applicable based on the repayment period chosen.

    Period Handling fee

    06 months


    12 months


    24 months


    36 months


    48 months


    60 months


  1. Cardholders can apply for this scheme by calling our Call Centre on 011 200 88 88.
  2. No documents are required to obtain this facility.
  3. Stamp duty will be charged on the total loan value (Loan amount + Handling fee).
  4. Loan processing period is 2 working days and cardholders can select any of the following options to receive funds.
    • If the cardholder has an active SEYLAN BANK A/C, money will be credited to the A/C OR,
    • If the cardholder wish to receive funds via a RUPEE CARD, it will be posted to his/her card statement address given in the system OR
    • If the cardholder wish to receive funds via CHEQUE, it will be posted to his/her card statement address given in the system

Eligibility criteria

  • This scheme is available for all Seylan Credit Cardholders.
  • Only primary cardholders are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Minimum loan value granted would be Rs. 25,000/- (subject to available balance).
  • Maximum loan value granted is 75% of the available Credit limit.
  • Past due 01 month cardholders can apply for the scheme upon clearing the past due amount and provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  • Closed cards, past due 02 and above cardholders are not eligible for this scheme.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This facility can be obtained only for the original Credit Limit given. Temporary limit enhancements will not be considered.
  2. Cardholders are eligible to apply only for one Seylan Express Cash facility at a given time. He/she can apply for the second facility upon repayment of 50% or more of the first facility granted.
  3. If the full settlement balance is not paid on the due date, interest will be charged as per the General Terms and Conditions of the Credit Card.
  4. Credit card will be blocked for the equivalent of the loan amount borrowed and the set up fee. The monthly amount due for settlement (purchases plus loan installment) will be made available to the cardholder for usage.
  5. In case the cardholder wishes to settle the Seylan Express Cash facility before the due period, the cardholder should inform Seylan Card Centre in writing of his/her intention to close the Seylan Express Cash facility on the card account. In such event, a 5% early settlement fee shall be applicable on the capital outstanding of the Seylan Easy Cash facility or a minimum of Rs. 1,000/- (whichever is higher) will be charged.