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FUEL FRIDAY is back with Seylan Credit Card!
Get a REFUND of Rs.10/- per litre on fuel up to 30 litres at ANY fuel station on every last Friday of the month from 4pm
8PM for transactions above Rs.2,000/-

Offer valid until 31th Dec 2019
It’s FUEL FRIDAY with your Seylan Credit Card!
  • Valid only for Fuel payments made using the Seylan Credit Card.
  • The cash back is valid for any type of fuel pumped at any fuel station island-wide on the above dates and times.
  • A cardholder must spend a minimum 2,000/- to be eligible for this offer
  • The cash back will be applied to up to a maximum of 30 Litres for any fuel type pumped and no more.
  • The maximum refund per bill will be Rs.300/- per cardholder per day.
  • Only the first transaction made in the aforementioned dates and time frame will be considered.
  • A litre of fuel is defined the current price and the refund is calculated as follows; (Fuel Spend/Defined Fuel price) x per Litre refund Eg: If Rs.4,500/- was spent on pumping fuel the number of litres pumped will be 38.4L. Therefore with the maximum cap of 30L the full refund will be Rs.300/-
  • Transactions made for via manual emboss credit card swipe machines will not be considered.
  • The full refund will be credited to each cardholder by the end of the next work week with narration “Fuel Fridays Cash Back offer”