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At a time when you are financially down, obtaining cash advances against your gold jewellery is the best option, since Seylan pawning is the fastest and most convenient method today for obtaining short-term finances. Seylan Pawning Service offers an advance amount to suite your requirement at an affordable interest rate. As such Seylan Pawning Service is the most ethical, reliable and most sensible option for pawning.

  • Maximize the usage of your account:
    • Free from stamp duty
    • Possibility of making part payment of capital and renewal of outstanding amount
    • With the appreciation of gold, the advance amount could be enhanced in line with revised payment terms up to 100% of the pawned gold value.
    • Convenient pawning service with island wide branch network.
    • Gain more with the highest advance value for your gold

Rates as of 01.06.2017

Karatage Advance Amount for 12 Months (per Souvereign)
24k 37,000
22k 35,000
21k 33,500
20k 30,000
19k 29,000
18k 27,000
How to get started
  • Eligibility :
    • 18 years and above
  • Documents required:
    • National Identity card / valid passport / valid driving license
    • If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less that 3 months should be submitted.
12 Months
Interest Rate p.a 20%

*Above interest rates are subject to change based on market conditions.

**Conditions apply.

Can I pawn articles at any of Seylan Bank branches?


What are the gold carratages accepted by Seylan for pawning?

18 -24 kt

Can I pawn white gold?

No, only yellow gold accepted.
(However gold articles plated with white gold or embedded with stones or beads could be considered for pawning).

What is the prevailing interest and advance rates applicable for pawning?

Please refer the web page

Does Seylan grant pawning advances to customers under the Credit Guarantee Scheme introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka?


What is the maximum advance amount that could be obtained by an individual under the Central Bank Guarantee Scheme?

80% of the market value of gold subject to maximum of LKR 500,000.00 per person (market values are published by Central Bank on a daily basis)

What is the maximum amount one could borrow under Seylan Pawning Service?

a) LKR 5 mio under normal scheme (conditions apply)

What is the minimum number of days interest charged for a pawning advance on pre mature redemptions?

15 days interest

What is the maximum contract period for a pawning advance?

12 months

What are the identification documents accepted by the bank at the time of pawning?

NIC/ The Passport/or Driving License

What are the gold testing methods used to asserting the caratage of gold by bank when assaying of articles?

Touch stone method /Densimeter method

Can I renew the pawning advance for a further period of one year at any given time?