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Import Services


For the competitive business industry Seylan Bank serves a wide range of customers across varying industries, segments and regions. Our dedicated professional team delivers a speedy processing of documents and provides a comprehensive and timely support.

    • Issuance of Documentary Credits

      Advising your Letter of Credits to the Bank of your Supplier / Beneficiary

    • Import Collection – Documents against Payment ( DP) / Documents against Acceptance (DA)

      Handling of your Collection Bills on D/P or D/A through any of our Branch network

    • Advance payments

      Make remittances for imports on advance payment method.

    • Open account transactions

      Handling documents received directly from the suppliers abroad

    • Import Loans

      Financing your Imports upon arrival of goods

    • Shipping Guarantees

      Assisting you to clear cargo in the absence of the original Bills of Lading

    • Avalization of Bills of Exchange

      To guarantee payment of your D/A Bills at maturity

    • Facilitation of Entrepot Trade

      Processing your Entrepot transactions

    • Import bill Discounting

      We could arrange discounting of Usance Import bills with the negotiating bank on request

    • Advisory Services

      Professional advice on all your Trade requirements & Trade seminars

    Rates Charge / Fee - LKR
    Import LC opening commission 0.3% First 3 Months min LKR 4000/- 0.15% addl. month or part there of

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Tips & Hints
Tips, hints and guides
A global network of 300 corresponding banks operating around the world. Import LC Application
Import Indemnity

From where can I obtain a LC Application?

Visit any of our Branches

From where can I collect my Import documents?

Visit any of our Branches

How can I get to know the status of the LC opening?

Notified through email

How Can I get to know the status of my Import documents?

By SMS or email

Can we obtain loans for advance payment & Open the account?

Yes with pre arrangement transactions with your branch

Could I get the documents delivered?

Documents will be delivered only on request.