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Gold Credit Card Travel Insurance

Gold Credit Card Travel Insurance

All Credit Cardholders and their immediate family members – spouse and unmarried children (dependents) below the age of 23 years) and supplementary cardholders.

Travel insurance will be provided by Allianz Insurance when the air ticket is purchased through the Credit Card where the air ticket should be a returned air ticket (Colombo / Country / Colombo)

Maximum age limit of 75 years. However age between 60 to 75 years must produce a medical examination report.

The applicable perils we cover with respective amounts are as follows:

Overseas emergency accident sickness medical expenses 50,000 150
Personal accident /death/ PTD/loss of 2 limbs / 2 eyes 100% 5,000 -
Loss of one limb / one eye 50%
Common carrier baggage loss
1,000 50
Delay in checked in baggage 100 Up to 12 hrs
Loss of passport 150 -
Personal liability 2,000 200
Missed departure / Connection 100 -

Once the relevant details are obtained from the cardholder and the insurance policy is activated, the document will have to be collected from the Seylan Credit Card Centre or the document can be sent to the given address within 3 working days.

The following conditions are applicable when obtaining the Travel Insurance Policy:

  1. For customers below the age of 70 years, the insurance will be issued free of charge only for 30 days.
  2. For Customers between the age of 70-75 years, the USD 32.40 per person, per month( 30 days) will apply (From the 1 st month itself)
  3. For customers below 70 years who are willing to obtain travel insurance for more than one month USD 22.17 per person, per extra month(30 days) will be applicable.

It is essential to have the document in hand prior to the date of departure as claims cannot be done without same.